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Filmy » DVD / Blue Ray / HD

tanya-j | 30-09-2010, 23:45 | 765

Step.Up.2.The.Streets | BluRay | 4.3GB

Street dancer Andy arrives at the Maryland School of the Arts. Catching up there, it tends to prove that in no way inferior to other students. Acquainted with the best pupil school by Chase, Andy creates a team that should act as an underground dance contest "Streets." As a result, Andy can realize their dreams and cope with its problems plaguing the ...
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Filmy » DVD / Blue Ray / HD

tanya-j | 30-09-2010, 23:44 | 959
xXx (2002) 720p BluRay DTS x264-CtrlHD

xXx | BluRay | 6.52 GB

Xander Cage - an athlete-extremal. This person not only performs a unique lethal tricks, but also records them on video, placing the record on one of the underground sites. This brutal guy can do that can not meet other people. That is why it attracts the attention of one of the agents of the National Security Agency. Agent Gibson enlists the Cage. Equipped with the latest spy equipment and weapons, Cage must seep into the Russian criminal circles that are in Prague. Nothing can prevent this new generation of spy xxx fulfill its mission, and no one is able to distract him from his job. Nobody, except a mysterious girl Helen.
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Gry » PSP

Prints_Artes | 30-09-2010, 23:44 | 886
Quantum Theory (2010/EUR/ENG/PS3)

Quantum Theory | 2010 | ENG | PS3 | 5.91 Gb
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: Team Tachyon
Code disc: BLES-00868
Language: English
Platform: PS3
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Gry » PC

tanya-j | 30-09-2010, 23:44 | 947
Victoria 2 (2010/ENG)

Victoria 2 | PC | 712 MB

Victoria 2 - a global strategy on the engine, Europa Universalis III. A game is the sequel Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun offers a flexible configuration of the political system, an advanced economic model, detailed maps with more than 200 countries on it, a lot of different research and inventions, and thousands of new historical events and decisions.
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Gry » PC

tanya-j | 30-09-2010, 23:44 | 1102
Worms: Reloaded (2010/ENG/RUS/RePack)

Worms: Reloaded | PC | 346.56 MB

Ten years have passed since the release of Worms Armageddon, but step by step comic chaos continues with Worms Reloaded, it's a completely new edition for the PC. Worms Reloaded game supports up to 4 opponents online, offline multiplayer on one computer, a voice channel, a lot of crazy new weapons (returned for a landmark arms from Worms Armageddon), achievements, board of honor, all the themes of landscapes with high resolution, a number of brilliant maps of forts in the new regime Forts, the new editor of landscapes, new game modes, hats, grave and voices (sounds).
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Gry » PC

tanya-j | 30-09-2010, 23:44 | 766
Borderlands: Claptraps New Robot Revolution (2010/ENG)

Borderlands: Claptraps New Robot Revolution | PC | 1.64 GB

Claptrap's New Robot Revolution invites fans of the single and cooperative play to take part in quelling the uprising klaptrapov on Pandora. The four characters will be in the inferno of civil war between forces vooruzhennymm Hyperion Corporation and lethal Army klaptrapov, the leader of which is an insidious Ninja Assassin. In the role of one of four hunters haven, players will have to forgive him for Hyperion Corporation (and it does not matter that they are constantly trying to erase characters from the earth), and fight with the master of kung fu Ninja Assassin.
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Gry » PC

tanya-j | 30-09-2010, 23:44 | 1276
The Guild 2: Renaissance (2010/ENG)

The Guild 2: Renaissance | PC | 2.53 GB

Standalone addon to the Guild 2. Add event takes place in the 14 th century during the Renaissance. Players are waiting for 9 new careers, new maps and improved artificial intelligence.
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Gry » PC

tanya-j | 30-09-2010, 23:44 | 937
Knights And Merchants II - The Peasants Rebellion (PC)

Knights And Merchants II - The Peasants Rebellion | PC | 340 MB

The Second edition of the great RTS game. 20 Missions of the previous game (The Shattered Kingdom) included.
You play the role of the palace guard captain whose goal is to win back all of the lost provinces that once belonged to your beloved king. The game was released in 2001, but only in a few countries. Later in 2002 it was released in additional countries and in 2005 it was finally released in the US. The game has not yet been released in the UK.
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Gry » PC

tanya-j | 30-09-2010, 23:44 | 916
Dragon Age. Special Edtition (2010/Lossless RePack by R.G.Catalyst)

Dragon Age. Special Edtition | PC | 11.75 Gb

"Dragon Age: Origins marks the return of developers to the origins of role-playing game genre and represents a fusion of the best visual effects, thrilling plot, dynamic combat, incredible magic abilities and realistic characters.
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Muzyka » Składanki / Inne

karen76 | 30-09-2010, 23:23 | 773
VA - Thievery Corporation - Perfect Remixes (2005) APE

VA - Thievery Corporation - Perfect Remixes (2005)
Downtempo / Trip-Hop | APE | lossless | 293 MB
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